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  • Bands and Musicians...

    Now there's an easy way to sell your digital music at live events!

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  • Easy Media Cards.

    Custom-printed high quality cards that you sell at your live events, instead of old fashioned CD's

  • Fans love it...

    ... because they can download your music at their leisure, and in the digital formats they WANT for their mobile devices.

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  • You'll love it...

    ... because it's an easy way to sell your digital media, and whether fans download your music or not, you still get paid!

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The simple, cost-effective and just plain cool new idea for selling digital content at live events!

If you are a band or musician, you know how frustrating it can be when someone wants to buy your music and all you can offer is yesterday's technology in the form of a CD, or direct them to a music download site. Well now, you can offer them Easy Media Cards, high quality full-color cards customized with your band or album information.

downloading music filesYou sell a card for the same price your fans would pay on iTunes or Amazon but you sell it to them right there at the event (you can even autograph the card to make it a special keepsake).

The main feature of the card is a scratch-off panel on the back which reveals a unique download code that they use to download your music from our website. We design and print the cards AND handle all the behind-the-scenes technology.

The cards are cheaper to produce than CD's, easier to transport, and provide your fans with music in the format THEY want.

Sign up for a FREE account today to learn more about how you can start selling your digital music at concerts and live events using this cool, new idea. 

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